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Frequently Asked Questions:



My children are constantly fighting, what can I do about it?



Siblings will sometimes not get along with each other, just like everyone else can't get along with each other all of the time. Each child sees their perspective in the matter at hand. So there will be times siblings don't get on.


Communication within the family re opened. Boundary setting with each member of the family has to be established. Looking at all sides with no judgements. Each being responsible for their action. Parents do not always see the reality or the truth as they were not there, parents personal view or attitude towards can interfere with being non judging.


'Sibling interaction; negative to positive' pdf will help you to understand more about this topic.



I've tried loads of things, nothing ever seems to work past the first few weeks. Can you help?



Each new thing you try has to be done for a certain amount of time. The brain has to learn and understand the new pattern. The has to adapt from the past pattern to the present pattern. Then the brain frontal lobes be able recall the new pattern at a time of need rather than use the reactive primal brain. The brain will challenge the old versus the new and do the new patterns with ongoing continued action of doing; if this fails it's back to the start again. So understanding this is the key to success.


'Changing behaviour patterns' pdf will help you to understand this further.

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