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February 2023 News!

The month that is assigned to "romantic love and desire". With Valentine's day for wooing couples and wanting of relationships and happiness within connections. 
Though 'romantic love and desire' should not be for one day only. Shown daily within gestures. 

Valentines is for adults rather than for children. Children are not 'romantically' involved in relationships and should be taught this at an early age to define romantic love, desire and lust to that of parental safe love or friendly safe friendships. Embroiling children into this can leave expectations that are not safe and can be manipulated by unsavoury people. To define love and relationships sets children on the right path and with protective behaviours for the future self.

The most needed love is to love yourself. Yes Self love. Self love is an important aspect of the self. Something we explore in ©️Aspects of Self (coming soon). To love and accept one's self is the greatest love of all, everything else then follows. 

So defining boundaries is a really important step to a functioning human being. 
Let's redefine "What love is.... And what love is not" by looking at this learning byte. 

The Happiness introduction looks at the different elements of happiness.  Laughter looks at the unhealthy types of laughter which impact mental health and helps people look at the positive types of laughter with each other.

With Blessings, Nettie

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